Missouri special education due process — avoid it!

Parents who are frustrated by IEP meetings where nothing is accomplished can pursue approaches other than “due process”.  “Due Process” is a lengthy process and is emotionally draining, and often puts a child’s education on hold while “lawyers” wrangle. 

If your child’s needs, which are listed in the IEP, are not being addressed by the public school, then a parent might want to consider filing a “child complaint” with our state dept of Education in Jefferson City.  A “child complaint” is where a parent presents allegations of how the school district is not following the IEP…and the state department of education follow-up by doing some fact-finding then making a decision of whether the district is “in compliance” or not.  

It is important to have accurate record-keeping so that if/when a parent files a “child complaint”, the documents exist to support an allegation.

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice***I am not an attorney and am not licensed to practice law in Missouri or any other state.  Nothing in these communications should be considered to be legal advice.    www.theiepcenter.com



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