Observing your child at the school

Observing your child at school can be quite an eye-opener. 

Recently a parent dropped in the elementary school unannounced and learned several things; one being her son was not allowed regular recess like the other kids.  At another school a parent learned her son was being picked on during lunch.    Another parent learned her son was sleeping during most of class time in high school.

Yet another parent networked with other parents in her district and learned they were being allowed to observe their children at school, yet she was not being prevented an  observation of  her child.

Many school districts have “board policy” which defines the parameters of observors in the schools.  I have known many professionals who have observed children while at school and that information benefitted the IEP teams over the years.  Parents can ask to review the district’s policy on classroom observations.     www.theiepcenter.com