Think Twice Before Sharing Medical Records with the Public School

What you think might help you could hurt you.

Sharing medical recods about your child with the public school when pursuing eligibility for IDEA needs to be thoroughly examined.  A parent wants to convince the school people that the child has medical issues. However, since the public schools are an “educational system”, they don’t necessarily have to “recognize” incoming information from a different “system”.

Unknowing parents submit medical records to the public school that may work against the student.  The medical records may not contain wording that would make the student eligible in the “education system”.

Parents typically aren’t told accurate information  by the school what they must do to get the school to pursue eligibility for their child.  Many parents don’t know they can  request in writing to have the school evaluate their child for “eligibility for special education under IDEA/504”, and, taking it a step further, ask the school to arrange for a medical professional to evaluate for diagnostic purposes to determine if any qualifying condition under IDEA exists.

I am not an attorney;   this is not advice of any kind.


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