Paraprofessionals at the school for your child?

Warning signs that your child might be in a class where the teacher has been teaching too long

  1. the teacher requires students to sit up straight at their desks at all times
  2. the teacher requires the other adults in the room (paraprofessionals) to ask for her permission before they may leave to use the restroom
  3. the teacher is not admired by other staff in the building
  4. students get mixed signals about expectations in the class
  5. students get mixed signals about expectations in class that change from day to day
  6. students get criticized by the teacher in front of all the other students needlessly
  7. the paraprofessional assigned to my child is not invited to attend the IEP meetings
  8. the paraprofessional is not allowed to study the child’s IEP

The child advocates at recognize the seriousness of having a teacher who maybe shouldn’t be working with our child. child advocates help parents with issues at the public school for their child who has a 504 accommodation plan or IEP.

Complete the form below if you’d like an advocate to contact you.   We are advocates who participate in IEP meetings over the phone and, when possible, in person.  Advocates are independent, therefore there is a fee.


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