New due process format forthcoming; Governor signs bill

Governor Nixon signs SB595 moving due process from DESE

On July 5, 2012, Governor Nixon signed the bill into law. Due process hearings will no
longer be conducted by DESE with the three-member panel. Hearings will be
conducted by a commissioner in the Administrative Hearing Commission.

I sent a letter to DESE Commissioner Nicastro last month asking when/if DESE is
accepting public comment regarding the transition; no response yet.

I am amazed how this made it through the legislature.

Although a signing ceremony was requested wiith the Governors office, I received
no response to that request.

I am glad to give up my role on the panels in the current system; especially
since the system was so monopolized by retired sped directors.

The new format is suppose to take place by the end of August, 2012.

I speculate that districts will now perhaps consider mediation with parents before heading into the “unknown” of the Administrative Hearing Commission. At this point it is assumed the AHC has no allegiances to DESE or school districts.


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