MO State School Board “tabled” MODESE Special Ed Proposals

MO State School Board “tabled” MODESE’s special ed recommendations on Oct 16.
According the to MODESE website, the Oct. 16 agenda item for MODESE’s special ed section recommendations on the public comments, was tabled.
Interestingly, faxes were sent the previous day to school board members expressing  how the pubic comments compiled by MODESE special ed section did not accurately reflect the actual comments made by the public.
The public made many comments on topics that were not solicited by MODESE; on some of them MODESE accepted the comment and made recommendation!  In essence, this means the public is ahead of DESE on what needs to be corrected/changed!

Now is the time for the public to let the MO State School Board realized the deficiences and changes that need to be made in MO special ed processes!   Their fax is 573 751 8613

Their next meeting is Nov 26 & 27 in ST Louis!

Sign the new petition:



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