Special Ed student’s para: how much help?


Johnny has in his IEP that he is assigned a paraprofessional to assist him between classes and during four of the six classes.  This is to help him with staying on task and academics.

During the times that the para is not assigned to work with Johnny, the para is directed to assist a small group of students working on academics.  However, on days where a substitute teacher is involved, the paras role changes.  The para is instructed to work with larger groups of students of which Johnny is one.

Unknown to the parent that this is happening, the IEP does not address this scenario.  Parents need to address what “Plan B” is for their child on days when a substitute teacher enters the picture.

Might a possible solution include bringing in a para sub to fill the gap?

Advocates at http://www.theiepcenter.com  can talk with parents about this.


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