Parent-teacher conference is not an IEP meeting

Parents are asked to go to a meeting at the school for their child who has an IEP. The school has not provided any paperwork to the parent about the upcoming “meeting”.  Parents, hoping for the best, attend and participate.  Hopeful that these discussions will help the child  the parents rely on these discussions. 

The parent later receives paperwork indicating there will be an upcoming “IEP meeting”.  Parents attend, again hopeful.  Discussions include items discussed in the previous “non-IEP meeting” where the parents learn that some of the ideas were tried or not carried out.  Parents ask about the previous meeting only to learn that it was a “parent-teacher conference”. Decisions made in “parent-teacher conferences” do not get included into the IEP.

Parents of students with special needs’ must realize that the IEP meeting is the forum for “official” changes to a students education programming.


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