Teacher offended when parent asks questions

In a recent IEP meeting, a teacher indicated she was offended by the questions the parent was asking about procedures and practices in the classroom for his son. The questions were focused on how the staff was managing the student’s lack of interest in the instruction as well as curriculum.

The student’s needs in this area had gone unaddressed by the school staff for years and now the teacher was “offended”.  It was bewildering to see a professional perceive a parent’s questions as personal attacks.  It was bewildering to see a “professional” not recognize systemic problems in the school system that allowed the student’s predicament o to continue as long as it did.

The parent’s questioning enlightened those present that the “system” was failing the student, not just one teacher.

Additionally, this IEP team was planning the student’s next school year where he would be attending in another building with different staff.  Due to the lack of adequacy in the current scenario, the outlook for the following year had a bias; that is, a bias that the expectations were too low for this student.  No staff from next year’s school was present to contribute.

Advocates at theiepcenter.com  provide telephone consults to parents to help them prepare for these meetings.  Had these parents known earlier what the buzzwords are to “work the system”, perhaps the student would have struggled less.

Connect with a professional advocate who is a certified teacher:

sign up for  ezine “The IEP Center Advocator”:  http://eepurl.com/wsEID


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