hopes dashed in IEP meeting

A parent of a student with special needs’ who struggles at public school attends an IEP meeting where the group “troubleshoots” the situation.  Since the student doesn’t function like a typical student in regular classrooms, the student is deemed a problem and suspended.

Some parents over the years have been told they have the option to “homeschool”–this is what the district wants!  If the parent “homeschools” then the parent and student are no longer a problem to that district.

Other parents are told by the school that the child can attend partial day in a separate room away from other students.  The uninformed parent has no idea that this is denying a child from equal access.  This child is being treated differently because she’s different.   The IEP team is ignorant of the possibilities for this student.

More scenarios like this take place with the parent not knowing what to do or who to call.  The advocates at theiepcenter are experienced with these scenarios and give parents information to advocate for their child.  Take an advocate with you to the next meeting at the school.  Never go alone.

Advocates at the IEP Center are not attorneys and do not give legal advice.  We are not licensed to practice law in any state.  We do not represent parents or children.  theiepcenter.com

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