Principal not responsive to IEP concern

Parent shared with me that a teacher continued to not provide accommodations for a student after the issue was discussed in an IEP meeting. Weeks later accommodations were again not provided so the parent met with the principal, in the principal’s office, to seek resolution.  The principal supported the teacher’s position.  The parent later met with the Superintendent to address the same issue, who also supported the principal and teacher’s position.  Image

The parent went home and typed letters to the school board members of that school district.  A couple weeks later a letter arrived from a school board member indicating better communication was needed with the parent.

This scenario is repeated by many parents all over the country. Parents are kept in a loop where no resolution is offered.  Parents are not informed by the school of possible methods of recourse offered by state or federal agencies.

Often staffers in a school building are not knowledgeable about how their actions are not compliant with state/federal regulations.  They have always done things “this way” and assumed it was legitimate. Sometimes the environment at the school is undermining the learning of the child with special needs’, yet deemed typical by the staff. This practice in such environment may not be in compliance but they continue to perform in this manner until someone puts a stop to it by triggering a form of complaint.

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