Special Ed frustrations for parents in Missouri school; Child Advocate Autism

Is a paraprofessional assisting your child in any way during the school day? Many times the para is the second adult in a classroom and not necessarily “assigned” to your child exclusively.
Many school districts instruct paraprofessionals to avoid conversation with parents, and, do not share with the paraprofessionals the relevant information on the IEP that would assist the paraprofessional from understanding goals for the child. Many districts do not allow paras to attend IEP meetings on school time.

What can a parent do?  Parents can directly share an IEP with the paras, set up email communications with teachers that cc: the para(s), and directly invite paras to IEP meetings. 
Paras often know more about our kids than the teachers who are often overwhelmed. 
Paras and teachers are greatly appreciated!

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