Fixing IEP problems at public school in Missouri?

IEP meeting deception in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma schools


Parents go to IEP meetings trusting the public school staff to do right by their child. However, many school districts often operate on the premise of providing services to a child that fits what already exists at the district, and disregard the unique needs’ of the child that the IDEA indicates a child with special needs’ is entitled. steeringmomhead-1 This hidden agenda may exist the entirety of the student’s educational experience.

Within the last ten years this advocate sees a decrease in the amount of support staff available to our children with IEPs who need it.  Paraprofessionals, especially, are often available to groups of children rather than for an individual child.  The overburdened paraprofessional quickly suffers burnout and our child’s needs go unaddressed.  A parent might hear in an IEP meeting that their child will have a paraprofessional; however, unknown to the parent is that the para serves four or five student simultaneously. Teachers are overwhelmed.

Some public schools continue to deceive parents that everything is fine at the school.  Those schools continue to do this because no one has called them to the carpet on it, or, parents don’t know how to  stop it. Parents have more control than we realize; many mechanisms outside of the school district are waiting to receive reports from parents of inappropriate public education scenarios of children with disabilities. the-iep-center

Advocates at the IEP Center give parents the information to help them acquire the services a child needs.  We recognize  tactics schools use to bamboozle parents.

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School lockdown: parents can’t locate child Oak Park High School, Missouri

Oak Park High School in Kansas City, MO, on Monday had a  lockdown resulting in transport of entire school body to a nearby high school where the traffic made for gridlock.  Worried parents were not sure where there children were; especially those children who did not have or use a cell phone or device.

Parents of special needs students can rely on a tracking device especially for our children; it relies on GPS and cell service; the parent can watch live tracking on desktop, cell or other device.  Features include activating our designated set of “first responders”, and to receive notifications during or outside regular routes of travel.

This is amazing with my adult daughter; her staff drives her many places often not knowing exactly where they are.  I now know where they are!  I  get text messages as she goes from one point to another as well as watching on my device.  The emitting device is in a dark sleeve secured underneath  her wheelchair.   It can be secured to inside pockets, pant legs, backpacks, etc. Only the parent with the special swipe tool can disengaged the securing knobs (it’s easy).


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Early childhood program not offered to parent Missouri

Kids eligible for Early Childhood (ages 3-5) services from public school districts in Missouri are to be offered services from that school district. Some districts have found ways to manipulate parents to avoid serving those children.rsz_nclb2girlslookingateachother

The parent mentioned the possibility of child getting programming from another (hospital-related) facility so the district “agrees” with the parent that would be a good choice.  The public school did not formally offer or develop a program for the child.  The desperate and uninformed parent scrambles for any programming available, and, since the public school didn’t “have” a suitable program, the parent struggles to transport child to and from the distant program.

The parent was encouraged to use some grit to work the system at the public school.  The parent acknowledged she was being bamboozled; she had concerns that she might “ruffle feathers” of some school staffer she knows.  I told the parent that since my daughter is now an adult, I really don’t care what the teachers my daughter had in elementary school thinks of me now; what matters is how my daughter is functioning and quality of life.AngelsenseRunnerJPEG

This parent needs to set the tone of the relationship with the public school now so that when the child later enrolls for Kindergarten, the school will better respect the parent.

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