School lockdown: parents can’t locate child Oak Park High School, Missouri

Oak Park High School in Kansas City, MO, on Monday had a  lockdown resulting in transport of entire school body to a nearby high school where the traffic made for gridlock.  Worried parents were not sure where there children were; especially those children who did not have or use a cell phone or device.

Parents of special needs students can rely on a tracking device especially for our children; it relies on GPS and cell service; the parent can watch live tracking on desktop, cell or other device.  Features include activating our designated set of “first responders”, and to receive notifications during or outside regular routes of travel.

This is amazing with my adult daughter; her staff drives her many places often not knowing exactly where they are.  I now know where they are!  I  get text messages as she goes from one point to another as well as watching on my device.  The emitting device is in a dark sleeve secured underneath  her wheelchair.   It can be secured to inside pockets, pant legs, backpacks, etc. Only the parent with the special swipe tool can disengaged the securing knobs (it’s easy).


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Wandering child needs tracking device in school Missouri

Parent is fearful student will leave the school grounds.  Parent has mentioned lack of fence around playground to the school officials.  Student lacks ability to be aware of risks of walking away and will go readily with strangers.


Parents are now using tracking devices and one now has real-time tracking (viewed on smart phone, device or desktop).  The emitter can be easily affixed inside the child’s pants pocket and can only be removed by the parent who has the magnetic key. Also, a feature includes “listen” to hear what is going on!

Operates on GPS as well as cell services.

Imagine the tragedies this will avoid!