ADHD student flunking classes; parent takes action

Parent asked public school for months to test the student for an IEP.  Student receiving flunking grades since homework not turned in. Student eventually admits to a teacher that it’s his own fault for not getting homework turned in, so the school believes testing for the IEP not needed.  Outside evaluations indicated ADHD. NICHCYphotomagnifyglass3-198x300

Congress knew that there would be issues between parents and public schools, so Congress put into place several mechanisms for us to pursue.  Often we (parents) don’t know how or where to start to use them!

Some students get so frustrated that they choose to drop out of school.  Parents can take a role in ensuring the student’ program is appropriate at the school to prevent the dropout scenario.  If parents don’t do so, the consequences for the student can follow the student for life.

Advocates at™ help parents solve schooling problems by providing information so they can advocate for the child with special needs. Schools often don’t put plans into place legitimately unless a parent pursues action. Action can involve systems outside of the school district.   It’s what a parent doesn’t know that can deprive children of needed services.  Our advocate is available to go with parents to  school meetings after consultations.steeringwheeldashboardwoman2pics

Don’t be bamboozled!  Waiting and hoping for problems to go away allows our children to regress.  Hoping the problem will go away will only delay getting the problem addressed.  Waiting too long to address concerns eliminates opportunities for correction.

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Child advocate for student rights in IEP school meetings

The special ed law (IDEA) regulations allows for a parent to take to IEP meetings whomever the parent may invite.


Parents may have more control

Some parents take family members, some parents take case managers from other agencies.  Taking someone is better than taking no one.

However, who you take with you makes a difference.  In my experience, parents who took case managers from other agencies (systems) experienced the status quo from school district personnel. Parent’s don’t have to take a “fake” advocate.   After all, most case managers knowledge and experience with school districts is similar to how parents are treated regardless, and the school may routinely bamboozle them.  You and your case manager walk away from the IEP meeting assuming the meeting was productive which may not be reality.

The public education system in many states  is often filled with internal politics, hidden agendas, clicks and demagoguery.  Although Congress expects parents to pursue “individualizing” a program for our child, it may become one individual taking on an institution.  There are alternatives, allowed by Congress,  to multiple school meetings.

Our advocates are familiar with the tactics school districts use to keep parents at bay which  results in the child receiving a minimal “schooling” of our child.  Over the years many parents expressed to our advocates the parent was treated with respect and much differently than before.  Some of the most effective “buttons” a parent can “push” can occur outside or before an upcoming IEP meeting.

The IEP Center advocates are aware of strategies parents can trigger to work the system and not be bamboozled.  We go with parents to suspension hearings, manifestation-determination meetings and mediation. 

Don’t be bamboozled!   Parents who are serious about their child’s schooling and tired of being bamboozled use advocates at The IEP Center.  Parents who are serious about their child’s education use our advocates.

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Special Education Parent’s Advocacy Link LLC dba The IEP Center™ are not attorneys and do not give legal advice. We are civil rights advocates.   We do not give advice; we give information about the problems of children with special needs. We do not represent anyone. We are not licensed to practice law in any state. Consult an attorney.

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