when public school can’t educate special education students: Kansas City

When a school district can’t appropriately meet the needs of your IEP child, the  IEP team (which includes the parent) can look at schools outside the district if the outside school is listed on a state-approved agency list the MODESE keeps.  The link for those outside schools/agencies is:


The IEP Center.com advocates helps parents deal with the public school for our kids with learning disabilities, autism, aspergers, cognitive deficits, cerebral palsy.  Advocates are available with extensive experience helping parents deal with public schools.  Get serious about your child’s schooling.

There are many things that aren’t revealed to parents that can help our kid get the right education.  Contact an advocate to learn more. Don’t be bamboozled. Public schools may be suspending children instead of considering an “outside placement”.cropped-100_0485.jpg

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Schools don’t test for ADHD in Missouri

Parents ask the public school for help for their child who is struggling.  The child has a diagnoses from a medical professional of ADHD and has provided that document to the school.

The school staff tells the parent the school doesn’t test kids for ADHD, and, they don’t have a program for kids with ADHD.  This is true, however, students with significant ADHD might qualify for “special education” under a category called “Other Health Impaired”.   This is often referred to as “OHI”.  This is within the process known as “special education under the IDEA”.

Another approach which parents choose is separate from the IDEA process. Some students who have significant ADHD may qualify for a “504 accommodation plan” under a civil rights law.  Most school districts don’t make this known and have experienced developing few of these plans. Parents may get a blank stare from school personnel when a parent requests a 504 accommodation plan.

504 accommodation plans are to allow for students to not be penalized since the student is different from other students. I have helped parents deal with this scenario multiple times.

Advocate Marilyn McClure, 


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