Prepare for IEP meeting in Missouri

Parents need not go into the “annual” IEP meeting unprepared.  Parents are allowed to view a students records prior to any upcoming IEP meeting. Now that it is almost spring, time is running short to accomplish this before the end of the school year.  Using e-mail or a written note, request to review your child’s records. Seeing the paperwork the district has about your child can be quite revealing.  Things may be happening to your child that you are not aware.

When you arrive to review your child’s records, be sure to ask to see all records so that you get a complete picture. rsz_blank-and-waiting-200x300 There may be nurse, counselor, discipline (Principal & staff) notes, academic (achievement), behavior data collection, therapist notes, etc.   Often these records are not presented to a parent unless the parent knows specifically to ask for them.

Knowing how your child performed during the year by reviewing  the information collected on your child will help a parent to know what to request in the IEP meeting.

Don’t be bamboozled!   Parents who are serious about their child’s schooling and tired of being bamboozled use advocates at The IEP Center.  Parents who are serious about their child’s education use The IEP Center in North Kansas City School District, Excelsior Springs School District, Clinton School District and Bolivar School District. the-iep-center

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Parent asks school to please test my kid

Girl struggled continuously in first grade with reading and math; teacher told mom the student may outgrow the struggles.  Mom asked the school how the school might help.  Girl is now in third grade and cries at school during math.NICHCYphotomagnifyglass3-198x300  The parent spends long evenings doing homework with girl beyond what is reasonable for a third grade student.  After several inquiries by parent, the public school teacher tells the parent it’s now time to test her but teacher doesn’t think she’ll be eligible for special education.

I get calls like this all too often! Parents aren’t aware how to get the “system” to help their child, and the school isn’t telling the parent!  Don’t let the years slip by!

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