Special Education Missouri: Futility for parents?

So you know the public school is not treating your child appropriately and the staff continues with the same approach, disregarding your requests for help.  What do you  do? rsz_look1-vert-246x300

Although many options are available, many parents are misled into pursuing “due process” as the first choice.  Unknowingly, many loopholes exist in pursuit of “due process” and it may seem that this process controls the parent.  There are other options for parents.

The “Monday morning quarterback” would comment  “if I had only nipped problems in the bud when they were smaller” the problems at the school wouldn’t have become so large.

Some public school districts give the impression that they won’t do for the child what he really needs until the parent forces the issue to a level higher to outside the school district.  From a parent perspective, it seems the parent has to deal with ongoing futility for long periods of time.

The IEP Center.com advocates helps parents deal with the public school for our kids with learning disabilities, autism, aspergers, cognitive deficits, cerebral palsy.  Advocates are available with extensive experience helping parents deal with public schools.  Get serious about your child’s schooling.

Parents in Missouri who need help dealing with the public school for their child with an IEP can consult with a professional special education advocate at The IEP Center.   Advocates also help parents when the parent wants an advocate to go to a meeting at the school with them!  Never go alone.

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