Parent suspicious of IEP student bruises, scrapes

Student who regularly exhibits inappropriate behaviors at the public school comes home unusual scrapes on his body. Parent is suspicious.  What to do? the-iep-center

In my experience, contacting the school personnel would be at the bottom of the list.  First, take pictures. Second, go to a medical professional and have them take pictures.  The medical professional may make a report to the state’s children’s agency.  Parent’s can also make reports to the state children’s protective agency (do a search for “child abuse hotline” .  If warranted, contact law enforcement.  Sometimes local police departments don’t view the situation seriously so consider county law enforcement.

Not sure?  Missouri’s School Violence Hotline (1-866-748-7047)can document your call but that’s usually the extent of their effectiveness; at least the parent made a report.

Taking steps to prevent future harm to your child is key.  Many times schools have not implemented professionally-developed behavior plans for our kids who have significant behaviors. NICHCYphotoWorried

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