Summer school is not Extended School Year for IEP kids

An Administrator in a school district is telling parents that Extended School Year is only for IEP students with the most severe disabilities and is only to prevent regression. Parents can share with the administrator the MODESE state information

Our kids with IEPs can participate in “summer school” since it is open to all students in the district, if the district is offering it this summer.  Many times our kids need “accommodations” so they can access this program successfully; write the accommodations your child needs on the enrollment form.

ESY is only for an IEP student to work on a few goals from the IEP.

It is possible for an IEP student to participate in both ESY and summer school.

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Spring IEP meetings often cover programming for a student (who has an IEP) for the summer.  Parents need to understand the difference between “summer school” or “extended school year”.

Typically, summer school is something the district offers to all children in the district, regardless of any disability.  Many times it lasts a few weeks and has enrichment activities,  or often in high school provides credit recovery.

“Extended school year” is specifically for students who have IEPs, and is an opportunity for the student to work on specific goals in the IEP.  The intent is for the student to maintain skill(s) across the summer.  Since this is an IEP team decision, it is individualized for the student and written into the IEP.

When school district folks on the IEP team present a student’s eligibility for ESY, they sometimes mention only “regression” they’ve seen perhaps over winter or spring break.  However, that…

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