Parent requests’ denied in IEP meeting

Student has struggled for years while mom asks occasionally for assistance from the public school for student.  A teacher in the early years told mom the child needs to be “tested”, yet the teacher didn’t offer for the school to do the testing. Student didn’t acquire skills typical of other students.rsz_look1-vert-246x300

IEP meeting was held in the late elementary years where parents requests for student to get services he should have received all along. The special ed administrator makes a first appearance in this child’s educational career only to determine that what the school is doing is “appropriate”.  The large group of other school staffers agree 100% with the administrator’s decision  (some of these staffers contributed significantly in previous IEP meeting but not in this meeting).  Politics trumping planning for this child?

So the official line of the school has been made clear, which is not agreeable to the parent.  There is an option for the parent to pursue that may allow for real discussion and decision-making to occur–mediation.the-iep-center

Mediation is an arena where issues and topics that “IEP teams” won’t entertain can be discussed.  It’s where ideas can be explored that the IEP team immediately shot down. It’s where the unofficial line of the school district can be explored. Even money can be discussed.

  I have seen parents make more headway in one mediation than they ever did in multiple “IEP” meetings.

The state ed agency can send a mediator at no cost to serve as the mediator.  Parents can take an advocate but not an attorney.  Some parameters must be agreed to.

Advocates at are available to support parents in mediation in Kansas and Missouri.  Setting up mediation strategically may be important.  Its usually six weeks before the actual mediation session takes place. Now would be the ideal time to get mediation set up before the end of this school year.

Don’t be bamboozled!   Parents who are serious about their child’s schooling and tired of being bamboozled use advocates at The IEP Center. We go with parents to IEP meetings.

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