Fixing IEP problems at public school in Missouri?

Let’s examine what parents do to fix IEP problems. But is that really the issue that needs addressed? Perhaps it’s something more.


Parents can have more control

Hypothetically, let’s say a child had needs/goals that went unaddressed or misaddressed for an entire school year, and as a result, the child now struggles more and has significantly regressed because of the public school’s failures.

Parents commonly pursue resolving this dilemma by:

  1. request another IEP meeting
  2. have meetings (not IEP meetings) with administrators
  3. call or take a friend to help
  4. call a case manager from a different system to go to a meeting

Did any of these help the child recover from the regression?

Other parents commonly pursue resolving this dilemma in these ways:

  1. contact a non-profit agency who trains parents
  2. contact a non-profit whose staffer or volunteer goes to an IEP meeting (sometimes waiting weeks to process into a system)

Did any of these help the child recover from the regression?

Congress has avenues in place for parents to pursue correction and regression.  There are ways to press a public school to be accountable, and perhaps offer to make up for the losses.

Don’t be bamboozled!  Begging in an IEP meeting often does not gain any ground…Waiting and hoping for problems to go away allows our children to regress.  Hoping the problem will go away will only delay getting the problem addressed.  Waiting too long to address concerns eliminates opportunities for correction.  Time is your enemy.

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School says “we’ll test in third grade” for learning disabilities IEP

ImageA family moved to the midwest from another state where the parent was told her child could not get tested until third grade for learning disabilities. The mother asked for help for her child in first grade.  After moving to the midwest, the public school district personnel told the mother that she could not get an IEP for dyslexia, and, that the mother would have to go get the child tested somewhere by a medical person.  The mother was in the pipeline for medical testing at a major hospital  for most of a school year.  Meanwhile the child struggles and gets further behind.

This agreeable parent was just too nice!  And what did niceness accomplish?rsz_wheretonow-201x300

Unfortunately too many time this advocate is the bearer of bad news…I told the parent she had been bamboozled or either terribly misinformed.

Don’t let your child go without the extra supports he should be getting (if found eligible); use an experienced advocate from  to get the information a parent needs for their child who might have special needs.

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