Paraprofessional restructing in schools at end of school year

Kansas Special Education Advocate

As the school year nears it end and students move from grade to grade, the school district looks at how to implement the paraprofessionals supporting students in special ed for the next school year. Of course the budget takes priority in how that plays out.

Spring is when the school board looks at staffing  and determines if  the administration proposal is adequate.  If the district needs to make cuts for next year, what will the school board cut?  What questions would school board members ask when considering staffing  paraprofessionals?  If the question is why is the para needed, would the teachers admit they need help in the classroom? Doing so would be political suicide for a teacher in many districts. Some district are cutting paras from payroll since no one internally in the district will legitimize their need.  SO ITS UP TO THE PARENTS to push for paras in the…

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