IEP for speech not working

Some students have an IEP that has the public school providing speech services.  Many students, however, have more special needs’ than just speech.  Many of our kids have “hidden” disabilities, such as processing delays and reading and writing problems, as well as impairments that effect their ability to be successful in a classroom setting.

A parent has provided medical documentation to the public school about the student’s diagnosis, yet the school believes that since the child has an IEP for only speech so the IEP is sufficient. The school leads the parent to believe that is all that needs to be done and indicates there’s no need for an IEP meeting. It is suggested to the parent to discuss concerns with the principal.

Talk is cheap.  Unfortunately parents grew up with the mindset that the folks at the school know what they’re doing, and, they are “experts” in what our children need.  As long as parents keep talking, the school will continue to promote the “wait and see” approach.

Paper is power.  A parent can submit in writing concerns to the school about the student’s needs that have gone unaddressed. Parents need to know the right buzzwords to use in communicating with the school in order to work the “system”.

This is another scenario that a professional advocate at the the IEP center encounters.  Parents get bamboozled and don’t even know it.  Advocates at the IEP center are available for telephone consults where a parent can learn the buzzwords and approaches parents can use to work the “system” for the child with special needs.

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