IEP Teachers don’t know student needs’

High school student who has attended for years in the district started the fall at a new building where hundreds of students attend. The student is complex and has special needs’. Student was doing well academically previous year but now has some failing grades and hates school.the-iep-center The assertive parent requested an IEP meeting where the parent learned that the teachers’ didn’t understand the child’s disability and expected the student to fit their mold.  One teacher thought the student was “lazy”. One of these teacher’s even needed “more time” to get to know the student!

These same teachers devised a “new” plan to attempt to make it work again in their building; however, it’s doubtful the student will entertain the thought. Parents in Missouri who need help dealing with the public school for their child with an IEP can consult with a professional special education advocate at The IEP Center.   Advocates also help parents when the parent wants an advocate to go to a meeting at the school with them!  Never go alone.

Parents often need to be proactive to make sure the public school system isn’t failing their child or missing out on needed services even when the school “doesn’t offer that”.  Passing grades doesn’t necessarily mean your child is learning.rsz_diversityboyinclasslookingatbook Failing grades doesn’t always mean the child’s program is appropriate. Delays in addressing school problems may make the situation worse; the system moves “slowly”.

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