IEP students: Uneasy about start of school this fall?

photoboybooksUneasy about the start of public school this fall for your child with special needs?  Perhaps that uneasiness is a result of dealing with a system that has its own lingo, and, you aren’t familiar with the terms necessary to work that system.

Join me the evening of August 15, 2013, to learn some of the most frequently used  buzzwords by the special ed folks at the public school, so you, as an advocate, can better advocate for the child.  Schools have been known to not provide services to kids if the parent didn’t use the right words.  Don’t let your child be left behind. This 45 minute webinar may make a difference in the program your child gets this year. Click the link below to register.   Provided by

Webinar Thursday, August 15, 2013  8:15 pm CT Continue reading