Parent requests “blown off” in IEP meeting Missouri

In a March IEP meeting, the parent asked IEP team to re-evaluate the student; the   administrator present tells the parent the school will do the reevaluation in the fall since it’s so close to the end of the school year (teachers who were present 100_0668did not comment).  Also, parent asked for more time in therapy to develop language/speech skills; parent was told that would not be possible since the schedule of the school would not have time.

These delays and refusals are typical and parents should expect the district to provide a documented response from the school.

It’s what a parent doesn’t know that can deprive children of needed services.  We go to  school meetings with parents.

Don’t be bamboozled!  Waiting and hoping for problems to go away allows our children to regress.  Hoping the problem will go away will only delay getting the problem addressed.  Waiting too long to address concerns eliminates opportunities for correction.  Parents can have more control than they often realize!  Senate Bill 318, Sponsored by Senator Eigel, would eliminate  much of this frustration; “Empowering Missouri Parents Act”

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Telephone consults are with a former Missouri due process hearing panel member, parent, certified teacher, negotiator with parents in IDEA mediation sessions, civil rights advocate for over 20 years.

We support parents at low-cost.  We support parents in preparing for school meetings and also go* (or participate online) to school meetings with parents.

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IEP student suspended more than ten days; special education suspension Missouri

Our kids with IEPs get suspended from public school. Unlike non-disabled students, a special process is in place for kids with IEPs.  In most states, students with IEPs can be suspended up to ten school days in a school year.  After ten days of suspensions, a different process is suppose to kick in other than what applies to “regular” education students.

Some school districts ignore this and continue suspending/expelling special ed students as if they were typical students. A parent must be ready to address this with the public school; if not, the problem compounds.  Suspensions often take a toll on the family; sometimes resulting in a  parent losing a job!

The IEP ™ advocates helps parents deal with the public school for our kids with learning disabilities, autism, aspergers, cognitive deficits, cerebral palsy.  Advocates are available with extensive experience helping parents deal with public schools.  Get serious about your child’s schooling.  Schools may bamboozle parents because they have and continue until the parent takes a stand.

Often it is the parents who set the tone of their relationship with the public school while the child is young.  Parents who are assertive and ask questions are the students who are less chance to let slip through the cracks by the school.  Parents who present themselves as not interested, or who don’t ask questions are misunderstood and unknowingly, more easily trampled.

Parents in Missouri or Kansas who need help dealing with the public school for their child with an IEP can consult with a professional special education advocate at The IEP Center™.   Advocates also help parents when the parent wants an advocate to go to a meeting at the school.

Parents often need to work to make sure the public school system isn’t failing their child.  Passing grades doesn’t necessarily mean your child is learning.rsz_diversityboyinclasslookingatbook  Delays in addressing school problems may make the situation worse.

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Special Education Parent’s Advocacy Link LLC dba The IEP Center™ provides information to parents regarding the problems of children with disabilities.  We are not attorneys and do not give advice. We do not represent parents or children.  Consult an attorney.

We help parents at low-cost.  Delay works against our kids.

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