when public school can’t educate special education students: Kansas City

When a school district can’t appropriately meet the needs of your IEP child, the  IEP team (which includes the parent) can look at schools outside the district if the outside school is listed on a state-approved agency list the MODESE keeps.  The link for those outside schools/agencies is:


The IEP Center.com advocates helps parents deal with the public school for our kids with learning disabilities, autism, aspergers, cognitive deficits, cerebral palsy.  Advocates are available with extensive experience helping parents deal with public schools.  Get serious about your child’s schooling.

There are many things that aren’t revealed to parents that can help our kid get the right education.  Contact an advocate to learn more. Don’t be bamboozled. Public schools may be suspending children instead of considering an “outside placement”.cropped-100_0485.jpg

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IEPs concerns where Eastgate Middle School gets “F” grade in North Kansas City School District

Recent reports acquired from MODESE indicate a middle school in the North Kansas City School District were rated with a “F” when it met 47% of target(s).

Parents of children with IEPs in that school have cause for concern.  If the performance is that low for all of students who attend there, then the question now becomes how well is my child’s individualized program at that school?   Parents can check progress reports they should be receiving on IEP goals.  If a parent Imageis not receiving this regularly, then a parent can be proactive to make sure reports are forthcoming. The IEP document indicates how often and in what form progress reports to be provided.

Northgate Middle School received a “C” at 72%, and Meadowbrooke Elementary received a “C”.


Advocates at The IEP Center help parents deal with the public school for the child with special needs, including learning disabilities.  Parents often have to be proactive to insure their child is truly learning at school.  The IEP Center supports parents who are serious about their child’s education.

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