Senior Year IEP meeting in Missouri; special education graduation

IEP students in Missouri can continue to receive services from the school district up rsz_teen-readingthrough age 21 if the student has not “graduated” or met credits necessary for graduation; the guardian or 18year-old-student must make it known well before graduation that this is their intent; usually done in writing.  These services do not necessarily have to be in the traditional classroom setting at the local high school building. Some students use neighboring school districts’ programs or community programs.  “Transition” programs can be broad.

Acquiring a “diploma” versus acquiring a “certificate of completion”  may make a difference on how a parent and student want their high school years to look.

Here’s a link to explore ideas to prepare for life after high school known as “transition:   (link opens new page)

When a student turns 18, he makes educational decisions in IEP meetings unless a court has appointed a guardian for him  for educational decision-making.  An 18-year-old student can inform the IEP team of his decision to not officially graduate so he can continue to receive services from the school.  He can indicate he wants to participate in graduation ceremonies but not yet “officially” graduate.

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