Kids sent to Missouri state schools severly disabled

I’ve heard rumors that some school districts are dropping in-house “severe” disabled programs and sending those students to the “state school” in Missouri.
“State Schools” for the Severly Disabled in MO are state operated facility which operate day programs. It is its own “system”.
Local school districts complete paperwork, make a procolamation at an IEP meeting, and voila, the kid is railroaded into the area “state school”.
The state (DESE) has a protocol for accepting these students, however, the state folks don’t see the student. The state folks rely on the info sent to them from the school district.
This “railroading” has occurred for years.
Recently, strategies were discovered that can assist a parent in inhibiting this process, and, may prevent a student from being railroaded.
A parent will want a strong, experienced advocate to descrobe how other parents have accomplished this.
For some students the state school is an appropriate setting. Its a good idea to preview before considering any placement.