Special Education Buzz Words Teleseminar / Webinar January 26, 2011


Jan. 26, 2011  webinar by phone, internet  7pm CST
“Buzz Words Parents Need to Know”.  55 mins live.
We’ll cover the words that many don’t realize play a significant role in what services our kids get from the public school   Using these words can save a parent years of struggle…and avoid wondering what just happened in that IEP meeting!
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IEP’s for the summer a.k.a. Extended School Year (ESY)

“Summer school” enrollment is fast approaching; it is offered by school districts to ALL children–yes, our kids with disabilities can participate.  You might need to request accommodations so that your child can have “equal access” to what is being offered.

Our children who have IEP’s may receive ESY during the summer.   This may include services to address goals in the IEP as well as related services (for example OT, PT, ST, etc.).

Many school district IEP teams rely only on a criteria of “predicted regression” to determine if ESY is necessary for the student; this is outdated.  This is not the only criteria.  IDEA address ESY at CFR 300.309.

Some students get ESY for a few hours every morning for a few weeks during the summer.  The most I have seen provided in Missouri is three hours for five mornings a week for eight weeks.

A resource you’ll find helpful is  http://dpi.wi.gov/SPED/pdf/esyguide.pdf        Be sure to print it and take the copy to your IEP meeting.

IEP’s have a special section for “consideration” of ESY; be sure this section is completed by your IEP team.  It should indicate the duration, amount, frequency and specific service(s) of the ESY.    If you believe your child should receive ESY services over the summer but the district doesn’t, a parent can indicate objection by saying so during the meeting and also writing such.  It might be an issue for a child complaint with the state.

If you don’t want to deal with school over the summer, then don’t  pursue ESY.   Some kids need the summer to chill and take a break.