Cameras needed in MO Special Education Classrooms? 2016

Feb. 2016

Missouri’s House Bill 2419 would require cameras into public school classrooms where special education students attend.

Texas did this last year.SnipHB2419GIF

Let’s look at pros and cons.


  1. Non-verbal students parent’s could better understand how a student acquired an injury
  2. Teachers and staff in the room wouldn’t be accused of hurting a student when the student’s injury was self-inflicted or caused by another student.
  3. Staff concerns voiced to administration over students who need more supports will be legitimized.
  4. Attacks by students onto other students will be recorded.
  5. Promotes the access to a safer environment for those who are the most vulnerable.
  6. Decreases potential liability of school district.
  7. Students and staff  would be less likely to be maltreated and bullied.


  1. Costs to purchase and install.  I would hope local community groups and PTAs would consider contributing these to our local schools.  Perhaps DESE would implement a grant program. Perhaps donations by technology organizations.
  2. Maintenance.  Many districts currently maintain cameras operating on campus.

The bill may be viewed at:

The status of the bill:

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