Is new speical ed due process in Missouri a “game-changer”?

Be careful if filing special ed due process in August 2012 in Missouri.    The process changes on August 28, 2012.

Hearings requested on that date, or after,  are to be heard by an “Administrative Hearing Commissioner”.  This commissioner is not associated with DESE.
If a parent files before August 28, 2012, they will be stuck in the “old” system.

A grassroots effort was successful earlier this year to make this change happen through the legislative process.  It is yet to be seen how it plays out.

Perhaps school districts will want to avoid the “unknown” of this new process, and consider mediation with parents.  Mediation can be a much more advantageous process for both parties. My advocate experience assisting parents in mediation has been mostly positive in Missouri.    the iep center  .  com