Before special education “due process” in Missouri considerations

Some parents believe the only way to get a public school to correct it’s errors with our children who have IEPs is to file for “due process”.rsz_steps1-200x300

In a very small number of instances that is true.  However, in most instances there are several other less cumbersome avenues to consider.

Parents aren’t aware most of the public school district’s in Missouri have an insurance policy in place that provides them with legal representation AGAINST THE PARENT when a parent files “due process”.  So the parent on a limited-income is already in a “David vs. Goliath” scenario.  Is this why school district’s don’t hesitate to encourage a parent to request “due process”?

Due process is often costly, lengthy, stressful and slow (compared to other processes).

Advocates at The IEP Center can help a parent with other avenues to pursue when the public school needs to correct problems our child experiences. the-iep-center

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Visit our website to arrange for an advocate to assist.  Marilyn McClure, CRP, is a certified teacher, parent of a child with developmental disabilities, and former due process hearing panel member in Missouri.

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“As needed” on IEP accommodation form no longer acceptable

Schools for decades used “as needed” on our kids’ IEP modification forms which allowed school staff to use discretion on if/when an accommodation is provided.  MODESE recently saw the light and has now determined “as needed” without descriptors is no longer acceptable. rsz_wheretonow-201x300

The Oct. 17, 2014, update from MODESE Special Ed compliance section:

Indicator 200.850.d (Frequency of Program Modifications and Accommodations):  Indicator 200.850.d requires the IEP to state how often program modifications and accommodation will occur (i.e. -, daily, weekly, monthly).  The frequency of “as needed” was removed as an option on the model Form F because it is not a clear description of the frequency.  If an IEP team determines that an accommodation or modification is to be provided “as needed,” then we would expect a description of how “as needed” will be determined.  The IEP must be clear to parents and LEA staff so that it can be implemented as written.

This new requirement may make a huge difference in how our kid’s day at school plays out.

Advocates at The IEP Center help parents solve IEP problems by providing information so they can advocate for the child with special needs.  Don’t be bamboozled!  Waiting and hoping for problems to go away allows our children to regress.  Hoping the problem will go away will only delay getting the problem addressed.

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when public school can’t educate special education students: Kansas City

When a school district can’t appropriately meet the needs of your IEP child, the  IEP team (which includes the parent) can look at schools outside the district if the outside school is listed on a state-approved agency list the MODESE keeps.  The link for those outside schools/agencies is:

The IEP advocates helps parents deal with the public school for our kids with learning disabilities, autism, aspergers, cognitive deficits, cerebral palsy.  Advocates are available with extensive experience helping parents deal with public schools.  Get serious about your child’s schooling.

There are many things that aren’t revealed to parents that can help our kid get the right education.  Contact an advocate to learn more. Don’t be bamboozled. Public schools may be suspending children instead of considering an “outside placement”.cropped-100_0485.jpg

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School says “we’ll test in third grade” for learning disabilities IEP

ImageA family moved to the midwest from another state where the parent was told her child could not get tested until third grade for learning disabilities. The mother asked for help for her child in first grade.  After moving to the midwest, the public school district personnel told the mother that she could not get an IEP for dyslexia, and, that the mother would have to go get the child tested somewhere by a medical person.  The mother was in the pipeline for medical testing at a major hospital  for most of a school year.  Meanwhile the child struggles and gets further behind.

This agreeable parent was just too nice!  And what did niceness accomplish?rsz_wheretonow-201x300

Unfortunately too many time this advocate is the bearer of bad news…I told the parent she had been bamboozled or either terribly misinformed.

Don’t let your child go without the extra supports he should be getting (if found eligible); use an experienced advocate from  to get the information a parent needs for their child who might have special needs.

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