IEP evalution waived since “no information needed at this time”


Every three years students’ with IEPs are suppose to have a three-year evaluation conducted by the public school district unless a parent becomes convinced that it is not necessary.  Parents unknowingly may be convinced by school personnel that adequate information and knowledge the school has about the student does not make it necessary for the school to conduct evaluations, test, assesments, etc.

Parents might not realize that a three-year evaluation is a safeguard that Congress put into place for our kids so that they don’t slip through the system.  If a parent “waives” the three-year evaluation, potentially it could be six years before the student is adequately evaluated!  Think of the changes a child makes in six years!

Unfortunately time passes quickly and before we know our kid is a teenager and struggling at school.  If the three-year evaluation had been done, perhaps the school would have a better understanding of the student’s needs and abilities.

Parents can request a re-evaluation during the school year as long as they have not had the school do one within the past year.  It may be a good idea to ask the school to repeat the same tests done previously, so that progress or regression can be tracked using the same standard.

Keep in mind it often takes almost half of a school year for the school to conduct evaluations and finalize them. If you recently signed a paper at the school “waiving” a three-year evaluation, parents can consider requesting a re-evaluation.

To draw this scenario out even longer, if the parents disagrees with the public school’s evaluation, the parent may seek evaluations by outside (independent) professionals, which often takes weeks (perhaps even months) to get an appointment. This lengthy process works against the precious learning time of our child.

Some evaluations are costly to conduct so a parent can waive specific evaluations, to same your public school district money.

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