US Supreme Court decision today on special ed: ambitious objectives

This advocate is delighted on this news!  So many of our children were attending school with the standard they were benefiting simply by entering through the doors. The decision indicated our students are to have ambitious objectives.

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Wandering child needs tracking device in school Missouri

Parent is fearful student will leave the school grounds.  Parent has mentioned lack of fence around playground to the school officials.  Student lacks ability to be aware of risks of walking away and will go readily with strangers.


Parents are now using tracking devices and one now has real-time tracking (viewed on smart phone, device or desktop).  The emitter can be easily affixed inside the child’s pants pocket and can only be removed by the parent who has the magnetic key. Also, a feature includes “listen” to hear what is going on!

Operates on GPS as well as cell services.

Imagine the tragedies this will avoid!

IEP meetings aren’t only way to get better schooling for IEP student in Missouri

Parents who struggle with the public school often get the “spin” from the building staff and don’t realize that often the power to take more control of the problem situation is outside the district.  Many entities exist that are ready to accept reports of public institutions that are not providing adequate access or appropriate programming.

Advocates at™ help parents solve schooling problems by providing information so they can advocate for the child with special needs. Schools often don’t put plans into place legitimately unless a parent pursues action.  Educational “systems” move slowly.  It’s what a parent doesn’t know that can deprive children of needed services.  We go to  school meetings with parents.steeringwheeldashboardwoman2pics

Don’t be bamboozled!  Waiting and hoping for problems to go away allows our children to regress.  Hoping the problem will go away will only delay getting the problem addressed.  Waiting too long to address concerns eliminates opportunities for correction.

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who to take to an IEP meeting in Missouri

Parents can invite people to attend the child’s IEP meeting.  We know of no regulation that requires parents  to inform the public school whom to bring.

One of the most overlooked people to invite is the paraprofessional(s) who work with the child.  Parents can notify the special ed administrator in advance that the parent is inviting the para.  Often the para is the person at the school who knows the child the best.

Districts’ sometimes place a heavy burden on paras, especially when the para has no skills related to the disability.  Paras usually go through a “training”, however it is often unrelated to our child’s special need(s). Often paras never see the IEP document.

Many times the para is not a good match for a student and problems arise.  Parents can find ways to privately talk to a para about what’s going on at school.


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The more information a parent has before entering an IEP meeting, the better they can make informed decisions.  A parent’s failure to ask the right questions in an IEP meeting may result in the child getting “left behind”.

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